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Anton Abben, CIE  is board-certified in indoor environmental investigative practices by the American Council for Accredited Certification.  Anton founded Advanced Indoor Diagnostics in 2001 after he saw a need in the Rogue Valley for science-based indoor air quality services. Before studying to become an indoor environmental consultant, Anton had over 30 years of building experience as a general contractor. As a result, he is passionate about building science and treats each client's project with expertise and integrity. Anton also serves as the Pacific Northwest Senior Associate for the RespirCare Analytical Network.


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Mike Buettner, CIE, CIAQM is the founder and managing partner of RespirCare Analytical LLC, a national network of environmental inspection professionals. Mike has served as a trainer and educator for the two largest environmental labs in the country - EMLab P&K and EMSL - and has trained over 800 North American home and property inspectors in IAQ investigation techniques. Mike has extensive microbial training as well as years of real estate and insurance experience.  Mike provides data review services on all Advanced Indoor Diagnostics projects.  


Tigerlily Trouble Abben, Office Manager  is an office manager extraordinaire! Her skills included walking on keyboards, chewing on bubble wrap, begging for treats, and chasing flies. It goes without saying that we don't know what we would do without her! (As you can see she is also very effective in assisting Anton in organizing his briefcase.)

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