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We deliver the highest quality, industry standard, indoor environmental services.

We provide indoor environmental investigations for both commercial and residential settings. We come prepared with fifteen years of experience and the best tools in the industry to detect, report and solve IAQ issues.  Our investigations are extensive and comprehensive, and our reports are detailed but easy to understand. 

VOC Sampling

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound.  In laymen's terms this can be thought of as chemicals that reside in the air as indoor pollutants.  These chemicals can be emitted from a variety of sources and, depending on their concentration, can cause exposure symptoms.  We provide VOC investigation and sampling protocols to determine the presence of VOCs, as well as remediation protocols for improving indoor air quality and minimizing VOC exposure.  



After mold or other indoor pollutants have been cleaned up, we can provide post-remediation inspections and sampling protocols in order to obtain accurate documentation that the isssue has been resolved.  This is important for both occupant peace of mind, as well as avoidance of any future legal liability from issues that may need to be disclosed. 


Real Estate Inspections

When purchasing or selling a home, it is important to get accurate information about the structure.  A simple home inspection often does not cover mold or indoor air quality issues.  As an adjunct we provide thorough yet cost-effective inspe​ctions that cover everything from the crawlspace to the attic so that we can characterize any previous water intrusion or mold contamination issues that could affect current or future occupants.  


Mold Sampling

We provide sampling services to commercial and residential clients.  Sampling for mold and other biological pollutants such as avian pathogens or bacteria, can be an important part of an investigation.  Mold may be visible or hidden, and air sampling should be performed whenever active water intrusion has been present for 48 hours or more.  Mold sampling can help clients to determine whether water damage remediation measures need to be extensive or minimal.


Expert Testimony

When a case goes to court it is important to have an expert on your side.  We provide objective expert testimony that is backed up by science and industry standards. We have successfully helped prosecutorial and defense clients get the best result from litigation regarding mold and indoor environmental hazards.  We only take cases where we feel the client's situation has merit.  We offer a free 15 minute phone consult to determine if your case fits our criteria.  

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